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United Cooperative Services


Annual Meeting This Saturday (Oct. 20)

We're having a celebration, and our members are invited! The 2018 Annual Meeting will take place at 10 a.m. Saturday (Oct. 20) at the Glen Rose High School Auditorium, 1102 Stadium Dr, Glen Rose, TX 76043.

United's Annual Meeting is a day of member appreciation and an opportunity to update the membership about the past year’s business successes and accomplishments.

Members are encouraged to attend for the election process for United’s Board of Directors. Equally important is the Manager’s report given by CEO/General Manager Cameron Smallwood. The year-in-review is a narrative of United’s Annual Report, made available in the September issue of Texas Co-op Power.

Oh. AND PRIZES! Make sure you plan to join us! Click to learn more.

10 a.m.-12:30 p.m.: Health Fair
11 a.m.-12:30 p.m.: Lunch
12:15 p.m.-1:15 p.m.: Entertainment (Sean Mitchell & Big City Music Revue)


Texas Co-op Power




Phone Scammers Targeting United

United members are being targeted by scammers. They claim that if the member does not pay their bill, he or she will be disconnected. Do not be fooled by these threatening tactics! Remember, United will not call you demanding money, and we don’t call on the weekend. If you get a phone call threatening to cut off your service, hang up and call United immediately! Please share with other members.

Los clients de United estan siendo blanco de estafadores. Le dicen a los miembros que si no pagan, les desconectaran el servicio. No se dejen engañar por las amenasas de los estafadores! Recuerden que United no les llamara para exigirles que paguen y no hacemos llamadas durante los fines de semana. Si reciven llamadas para amenasarlos que les desconectaran su servicio, cuelguen y llamen a United de inmediato. Por favor compartan esta información con otros miembros.

Let the Sun Shine

Are you a member who has thought about installing solar, but just didn't have the space or the cash? Sign up for United's Community Solar program! We take care of maintaining the system, you get benefits of green energy and a whole lot more. It's a win-win for our members.

To join, you must be a United member in good standing on a general service single-phase rate class with an average monthly net energy consumption above 500 kWh. There is no upfront cost to join, no contract to sign, no insurance required and the potential savings begin the first year members sign up for the project.

So what are you waiting for? Call your local United office and ask to sign up for community solar today! Click HERE TO LEARN MORE

Sign up for Beat the Peak and Save Energy, Money

United Cooperative Services members can cut usage and save energy dollars by signing up for Beat the Peak, an early-warning system that tells consumers when energy prices peak, and how they can avoid paying peak prices for power.

Lower demand at peak time lowers the co-op’s overall cost for power. As a nonprofit entity, United then passes the energy savings on to members. The more people participate, the more energy and energy dollars are conserved.

The program is voluntary and benefits all co-op members. Individual members will see neither a charge increase for non-participation, nor a conservation usage credit for those who choose to partake.

Members can participate by signing up online to receive email or text messages that will warn when a peak is about to occur. Also, they can watch United’s Facebook and Twitter accounts for these warnings. SIGN UP HERE.

Enroll in Rush Hour Rewards and Reap the Energy Savings


For an automated response to beating the peak, some members also may wish to participate in United’s Rush Hour Rewards program by purchasing a Nest thermostat and signing up.

The Nest thermostat can help members use less energy during the rush hour by cooling their homes down ahead of the peak and then slightly adjusting the temperature up a few degrees later on when it’s needed. However, members are still in control and can manually change the temperature at any time if they start feeling uncomfortable.

After signing up, United gives members a $50 bill credit after the first summer. They’ll earn $15 for each summer month they are enrolled up to $60 a year for each Nest Learning Thermostat in their homes. Click here for details.


Members Get Valuable Discounts on Furnace Filters through United

Changing your furnace or air conditioner filter regularly saves wear and tear on valuable equipment. What most members aren’t necessarily familiar with is that heating and cooling costs can be reduced by as much as 15 percent by regularly practicing this simple task.

Through a unique new service called, United members now have a means of obtaining filters at discounted rates and without the need for wasting gas on a trip to the store. is an easy way to order filters online at a discount and delivered free to your door. In addition to saving energy by helping HVAC systems run at optimal levels, can save members up to 50 percent. Click here for more.                                                                                                                                                


Lights out? Text Your Outage

Don't get caught in the dark again! Use our easy outage texting program to let us know when you're having power problems.

Outage texting is a free 24/7 notification service provided to members that allow you to report outages, check the status of your outage, and receive restoration notices by text message. Members must have five accounts or less to enroll, and all five accounts can be registered. Your cell phone number must be on file prior to registering for outage text messaging.  

Click here to learn more!




My Home

Whether paying your bill online, learning innovative ways to save energy, or preparing for your energy future, United stands ready as the energy expert you and your home can depend on.

My Business

Nothing says cooperation like having an electric utility that provides the energy expertise necessary to thrive in today’s economy.     


New Construction

Time is precious. At United, we help builders and developers work through the challenges of scheduling and finalizing projects in the professional manner they deserve.


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