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Youth Tour Application

Contest Rules
For more than 40 years, United Cooperative Services, Texas Electric Cooperative and the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association have co-sponsored a Youth Tour of Washington, D.C. United again will sponsor two delegates this year. The students selected for the trip will visit important landmarks as they travel to our nation’s capital, where they will join more than 1,500 delegates from across the nation. This will provide an avenue for each representative to learn and become familiar with our government’s operation and history.

1) This contest is open to full-time students (sophomores, juniors and seniors between 14-19 years of age) who attend a high school or are home-schooled in United’s service area. The applicant is not required to be a member of United Cooperative Services.

2) Winners of any past Youth Tour are not eligible to enter. Immediate families of United employees or directors are not eligible to enter.

3) Each contestant should complete and submit this online application.

4) Applicants are required to submit two letters of reference (one of which must come from a current teacher, principal or other school administrator).

5) Original submissions must be submitted to United via e-mail to

6) All required materials must be received by Feb. 12, 2018.

7) The top applicants will be notified by Feb. 14, 2018. These applicants will be required to submit a parental release form, which must be mailed directly to United. United’s two winners will be selected by an internal panel of judges on or before Feb. 22, 2018. Winners will be required to submit additional information online (link is external) by Feb. 28, 2018.

8) Email the documents to or mail the documents to: United Cooperative Services; Attn: Jeff Pannell; P.O. Box 16; Cleburne, TX 76033.

Last four digits of social security number
If Applicable
School Address
10, 11, 12?
Part 2 - Community Activiities
List community activities in which you have participated and the years of involvement such as 4-H, church, community and service clubs. Please list the dates you participated and any information that should be considered by the judges related to your participation.
Part 3 - Orginal Submission
From the following list of three choices, please choose one topic and either type a one- to two-page original paper on this subject, or prepare a PowerPoint presentation with no fewer than 10 slides on your chosen topic. Original submissions must be submitted to United via e-mail to before the deadline of Feb. 9, 2017. All submissions become the property of United. 1. Less than 100 years ago, most people living in rural America did not have electricity in their homes. In your opinion, what are the major benefits of electricity and belonging to an electric cooperative? 2. In today’s world, managing energy use has become vital for a number of reasons, including climate change, energy independence and for reducing the costs people incur each month in using this vital commodity. Share why managing energy use—using electricity wisely and energy conservation—are important now and in the future? 3. All cooperative businesses adhere to seven guiding principles (as listed on United's website) and United in particular shows a great dedication to educating the youth in our local communities. Please explain why you think these cooperative values are important.
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