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The United Cooperative Services Advantage

United Cooperative Services has a rich history in providing unmatched service for commercial and industrial companies. It’s one thing to claim to offer the best service. It’s another to back it up. That sentiment thrives throughout the cooperative and is a visible characteristic of each employee who demonstrates what we call the United Advantage. We welcome the opportunity to serve your business and re-introduce you to personalized service. Please contact our business development team at 817.782.8326.

Because United operates under a not-for-profit status, and is owned by the members it serves, the cooperative is in the advantageous position of focusing on providing superior service, rather than profit. Since its inception, United has made exceptional service its number one objective.

The cooperative business model, by its very nature, is defined as one owned by the people who benefit from its service. Nothing demonstrates that our members are owners more clearly and succinctly than when they receive a capital credit check, or as we refer to them at United, member dividends. When members pay their electric bill each month, they’re not only paying for the service, but investing in the company in which they partly own. As a result of that equity stake in the business, United members share in cooperative margins.  After paying for all operating costs for the fiscal year, members may receive a part of the money left over, which comes in the form of member dividends.  In 2016, $5.1 million dollars in member dividends were distributed to the membership. Since the cooperative was created, it has retired more than $60 million in member dividends.



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